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Intelligent visual ear picking stick

I have been waiting for a long time to finally get this small product of black technology – visual tap. Officially, it is called ear-picking stick. I prefer to call it ear-picking stick. It is a necessity for every family

product name:Smart visual ear pick
Product number:P1
Product Image
coloring schemeVibrant Orange/ Lilac/ Malachite Green
Function parameter
product name:Smart visual ear pickProduct number:P1
Pixels:500WLens Diameter:3.5mm
Best focal length:12~15mmdepth of field:10~50mm
Gyro:Three-axis smart gyroscopeBattery:130mAh
Duration of use:65 minutesCharging time:45 minutes
Image transfer rate:20FPSWorking temperature:–10~45℃
Input Current:5V-1Anet weight14.2g
working frequency:2.4GhzWeb Standards:IEEE 802.11b/g
Lens grade:3PImage Sensor:CMOS
wifi name:JesHome-P1-XXXX
Product size 69:P1 Vitality Orange:
P1 Lilac:
P1 Malachite Green:
Product acessories:Earpick accessory barrel (6PCS earpick silicone sleeve)
Product Manual*1
Type-C charging cable*1
manufacturerJieshi Intelligent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
company address:Room 711, Building A, Goldman Sachs Building, No. 18 Zhongxin Road, Shajing Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen
Factory address: 
Executive standard:GB4943.1-2011 GB4706.1-2005 GB4706.10-2008